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Powerflushing Service

Clarkes Mechanical can now offer a full powerflushing service...
Click below to see why having your heating system flushed can vastly improve is performance & reduce your fuel bills...

Clarkes Mechanical use the powerful Norstrom powerflushing system to remove corrosion & debris from within the heating system.

1. A quiter boiler results from removal of lime scale build up within the heat exchanger.
2. Hotter radiators & a quicker warm up time from the removal of black sludge "Magnetite" cold spots.
3. A longer lasting system, pumps will last longer & radiators will have extended life if there is no corrosion present & suitable corrosion inhibitors are used.
4. Lower fuel bills due to a more efficient system, "costs more to heat solid Magnetite than it does to heat water!" Estimated that savings of up to 25% can be acheived.
5. Helps compliance with Codes of Practice for the installation of new boilers into existing heating systems.
6. A self contained unit providing a safer environment when flushing systems - no radiators need to be removed - no black sludge on walls & carpets!

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